How to fill out a dot book

During the Marching Band Season the Dot Book is a vital piece of information students should have on them at all times during rehearsal. The Dot book will tell them where they are on the field, what they should be doing on the field, where they are in their music and the overall shape of the image on the field.


Students are responsible for creating their own Dot Book during the summer prior to Band Camp. Students who are new can attend any of the summer PT days for help filling out their Dot Book. Below you will find a helpful video and some step by step instructions for completing the Dot Book. 

What you need
  1. Spiral note cards

  2. Pencil

  3. Scissors

  4. Tape or Glue

  5. Copy of Coordinate sheet

  6. Extra copy of your MB music

  7. Copy of the Drill

  8. String or Lanyard

As the video suggests when you make your Dot Book make sure the spiral side is facing you so that the words are not backwards or upside down. 

Step by Step

Step #1 Make sure your have all the necessary materials above. ​​Supplies will need to be purchased from the store. To print copies of Drill or Coordinate Sheets visit the Members only page - make sure you have the password. 

Step #2 Make sure your Dot Book is facing the correct direction and tape the Coordinate sheet for the first movement to the first page. (Pro Tip: Print an extra copy of the coordinate sheet so you don't have to flip back and fourth)

Step #3 Write in the Set Number on the top left of the note card

Step #4 Write in the Counts on the top right of the note card (Pro Tip: This can be found in the top left hand corner of the drill diagram)

Step #5   Copy Side 1 or Side 2. This can be found on the Coordinate sheet. (Pro Tip: Make sure you are looking at the correct Set Number)

Step #6    Write in the Left to Rights. You can do so by looking under the Side 1 or Side 2 Column on the Coordinate Sheet. (ex. 2 steps outside the 35 yard line. Pro Tip: you can abbreviate or use short hand)

Step #7     Write in the Front to Back. You can do so by looking under Font to Back Column on the Coordinate Sheet. (ex. 12 steps behind front side line. Pro Tip: Abbreviate when possible ex. FS = Front Side Line FH = Front Hash BH = Back Hash)

Step #8   Write in your measures(Pro Tip: This can be found in the upper left hand corner of the drill diagram).


Step #9   Next Cut your music from these measure numbers into a thin strip and tape or glue it into your Dot Book. (Pro Tip: Leave room for notes such as, step size, step type ex. half time, double time, etc. or visual effects.)


Step #10 On the Page adjacent cut and paste the drill diagram. 


Repeat steps #1-10 for all Drill pages in each movement.

(Pro Tip: Use Sticky tabs to section off your Dot Book by Movement)

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